World War II

The World War II was the global conflict during 1939 to 1945. Involing most of the world nations. The World War II eventually create two different military alliances the axis and the Allies. It was the most widespread and effected war in the world. About 100 millions military personnel mobilised. This are all caused by the ambitions of Adlof Hitler. I always consider him to be the reason of the War.

The war is a disaster for all of the people around the world. After the German send the army to the France the people in France choose to ignore them. When they walking along the street, they turned their face around to avoid eyes contact with the German soldiers. This shows their anger and unsatisfied. The army destroyed their family and their homeland. Ended their happy life. They will probably be angry.

The German army were send to Russia. At first they made plan to control the whole Russia in few month. However in November they faced a huge challenge. The bad weather there is the biggest trouble they had never meet. The army could move around 14 kilometers per day however because of the snow they can only moved 5 to 6 kilometers per day. It slows the army. And a lot of soldiers died because of the weather. The weather change the bad situation for Russia and bring the victory nearer to the Russia.

Therefore, The Nazi were extremely cruel to the Jewish. Hitler hate Jewish. So he arrested Jewish people and killed them. He first fired their body. Then he realized that it will take a long time. Then he forced them to dig their own graves. At last he just bury them all together.

The World War II is so cruel. It is a huge disaster for human. So for our own happy life,  pleace stop the war, for a peaceful future.


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This article moved me so much. It influenced me a lot. Is is into my heart. War is such a tragedy that separated the family, and destroyed most of the beautiful thing in the world.

The word come up in my mind when I heard “war” is bloody and cruel. So many people died innocently during the war. What did they do? Why they need to give up their life for those who is never satisfied and try to gain more and more power?

The father whose only son went to the front is so poor however when he try to explain his sadness and hopeless to everyone on the express, he was treated badly. Those people didn’t console him but sarcasm him. Sure everybody is suffering through the war. But they still didn’t need to compare their own experience.

The author use simile`The woman under the big coat was twisting and wriggling, at times growling like a wild animal.” The author compare the woman to the wild animal. It shows that the desperate woman desire to save her own son. And there are foreshowing. In the first paragraph. “The passengers who had left Rome by the night express had had to stop until dawn at the small station of Fabriano in order to continue their job” It gives the story a tension atmosphere. And shows how nervous the couple are.

The theme of the story is that the parents give all their love to their children. They loved them more than everybody.

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The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen

This is an interesting story, and I like it very much. It shows how a father tried to teach his unrespectful sons.

This story is totally different than the same topic stories I have ever read before. In those stories, the parent will obey their children followed their require. Try to satisfied their children. However, the result is that their mot only ruin their own life but also mass up their children’s life.  However the father in this story is quite different. He is a shrewdness and nobility. He used his own way to love his sons. At first he tried to be tolerant but than he was so angry but he didn’t give up. He taught his son in his won way. He taught his son to be respectful and responsible by forced them to do their job.

The author used a lot of irony in the story. “each of whom wore a flaring necktie with a diamond in it.” ” their father wore a gaberdine-the loose, baglike garment…. and had a long straggling beard and ringlets that came down over his ears.”(62) It is the compare of their appearance at the first time. ” They felt that they could not conceal their feelings.”(63)  “They began to look upon their father with increasingly respect.”(67) It is the change of his sons’ attitude. So they all shows how successful he is to make his sons understand how strong their father is and to respect him.

I believed that the theme of this story is that be respectful to the old people cause they have a lot of knowledge and experience that we don’t have.

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Two Portraits

Personally I think I am quite different from both Alberta. But compare to the nun Alberta I think I am more similar to the wanton Alberta.  Alberta the wanton is not a good person in my mind but she is the most common woman in the world. “She liked the woman who petted her beauty, and the artist who painted it naked ,……. and kissed her while he taught her to read and spell.” (58) I will like people who praise me who love me. I will be happy if people kiss me and be nice to me. That is a natural reaction. And I am vain. I will be jealous with others if they are better than me. I am not afraid or shamed to say that I will jealous or I vain. Cause I believed everyone is the same, but some change them into power and improve but some let them ruin their own life. So I think that is the difference between me and Alberta the wanton and me. She loved money because it makes her feel calm and safe. So she had instruction in the wile-to stir a man. I didn’t.

I am so different from Alberta the nun. She is such a chastity prayer. I didn’t believe in god. I am not as pure as her. She kept her soul perfect and flesh subdued to hold the intercourse with the all-wise and all-seeing God. I can tell that I am not able to do that. I will influenced by too many things. I can’t give up enjoy things. I need computer I need cell-phone. I need to hang out with my friends and chat with them. I need a guy to love. That is the most important difference between us.

So that’s my opinion about these two people and the difference between us. I think I am not totally similar with them. Cause they had different kind life to me and living in the different time. So these are all of my opinions.

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Two Portraits

This a extremely confused story. The whole story is divided into two individual stories.  They have the same main character, with the same background, but they are totally different.

The title for the story is “Two Portraits”. But the story didn’t mention any about the portrait. So the portrait here is a symbolization of life style. The two main characters in the story had totally different personality and life style. The woman in “The Wanton” is mostly like an bad woman who is vain and capricious. She is very proud with her seductive body and beautiful appearance. “Alberta has added much wine to her wantonness she is apt to be vixenish; and she carries a knife” The ending for the first part is kind of confused and scared. She is vixenish and carries a knife. What does author try to express by writing this. Alberta didn’t like the other woman at that time. She is wile. The second story is about the nun. She become a nun and was pretty pure. Her face even turned blush when someone tell her her beauty.

These two articles are kind of irony and showed the author’s attitude. She agree woman to create their own life. To start the life they want. And claims that the important of woman rights.

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A Woman Like Me

At first I think this an horrible story I was scared by the author , but after I finished reading I found that the story is so moving and I realized the desperate and the desire of the woman .

The main character in the story is a cosmetician for cadavers . “What a horrible job” everybody says like this . They was feared with her hand which always touch the dead people . They feared with her eyes which always looked into the eyes of the dead . When I read that her aunt always talked I to the dead, and called them my sleeping friends I felt sick at first and consider her had some mental disease but then I deeply understand her . In her workroom there is no bickering,no petty jealousies , hatreds and she bring the final peaceful to everybody , this must be an noble job . But why there is no body can understand them . And even the person who vowed that will never leave her . This is unfair .

There is a complain in the story “There is nothing  that can make them look back ,not even that the possibility that there is warmth in my hands , that my eyes can shed tears ,or that I am warmhearted ” This is an such an moving complain . And I love the attitude of the author , ” there can be no fear where love is concerned .” or what her mother said ” I am not afraid , and love is the reason .” It makes me feel the sweet and pure for the true love .

I love the ending of the story . I think there is only two possibility for the story , Xia flee or he stayed . But in fact the story doesn’t have a formal ending !! It has an open ending for readers to imagine what will happen by themselves.

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The Man Who Was Almost a Man

This is an really difficult story to understand cause the author used the local language of black people . From their talking we can find that they are low educated . At that time though slavery had been abolished but the black people were still treated badly by the white people .

Dave is a poor young boy . He worked for Jim to earn money but he was laughed by the others , and they treated him like a child . So he was very angry and felt unfair . So he desired to get a gun . So the gun is a symbolism of power and authority. Dave believed that if he had a gun he will be considered to be a adult .

The tragedy of Dave was not caused by one or two people but the whole society . Those people had the racial discrimination in their mind deeply . Even when Jim was questioning Dave about the mule the others were all laughing at him . And even his parents they gave him nothing but lam him . Eventually he escaped from this place . I hope he can find a place to be free .

I believed the theme for the story is to give up the racial discrimination and be fair to everyone .

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A Trifle From Real Life

Never give people a promise if you can’t keep it especially to a children . Cause when you break you promise you also break others heart who trust you a lot .

This is really a sad story or even a cruel story . Aliosha was an immaculately boy . When he first came out he was mimicking the acrobat in the circus. He is just a naughty and usual boy . He trust others easily . He wanted to play Belayeff”beard and didn’t want to learn French verse .   He was filial piety he kept the secret in oder not to make his mother angry . When he told the fih and caught by Belayeff he blushed deeply scratch the locket furiously with his nail . His reaction showed he is just a little boy who is still pure . He made Belayeff promise and told he the truth . In his mind if somebody give his word of honor that means everything . He told Belayeff his father is angry with Belayeff just bucaue he promised he won’t be angry . But Belayeff eventually broke his trust questioned Olga . Aliosha’ face pale he was so scared .

Belayeff was a scoundrel because he hurt a child’s heart and destroyed his belief . I love the last sentence in the story , He had never imagined till now that there were things in this world besides pastied and watches and sweet pears , things for which no name could be found in the vocabulary of childhood . He even couldn’t fond a feeling to describe this feeling but he felt sad angry and scared. Children can easily be satisfied or happy but the also can be easily hurt by others .

So please protect the children and give them a happy and pure childhood

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The theme of the story of an hour

Most people believe the story is about the women’s right. It shows the female self-discovery and identity. But I still it is an story about love.

First when Mrs. Mallard was told the news she wept at once,and also with wild abandonment. If she doesn’t like her husband when she heard the news she will be really happy at first in stead of crying . She locked herself in the room refused to see anyone . It is because she need time to go through the sudden disaster for her . When she in the room she said “free free free” But she said it over and over again . And there was a vacant stare and the look of terror followed. So I believe it is kind of irony . It is the way to comfort herself from the sadness . And she also said “free! body and soul free” . But it was only a whisper. When you are happy you definitely will shout out what you want to say . But Louise whispered because she still desperate and depressed.

And finally she died of the heart disease of the joy. So the sentence shows us that she was killed by the joy. So when her husband came back she is still very happy and joyful. That’s why she will eventually died.

So with all this clues I believe this article is not about the female’s right but a story about true love for a woman .

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The story of an hour

This is an pretty awesome story with its quite amazing and surprising ending .

The author told us the death of Mr. Mallard directly . So at first I thought the story will only tells about how Mrs. Mallard suffered from the sadness . And in the following paragraphs the author paid attention in writing Mrs. Mallard ‘s motion feeling and activity . The author mentions about the new spring life , delicious breath of air and countless sparrows . Using the aquiver and happy scenery compare to Mrs. Mallard’s sad and desperate feeling in order to make reader feel her sank heart. With her sister’s begging and crying we can feel more about her sad.

when Mrs. mallard opened the closed door I thought it must be the end of the story but then the most awesome and unexpected part begins . Mr. Mallard was back again . He was not in that train ! But it is only the start of the amazing part . As we all considered it to be a happy ending , Mrs. mallard died with the joy .

I loved this story mostly is because the surprising ending .

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